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Welcome to Scuba NorthWest! We appreciate your visit and interest in some of the best diving around. We are Northwest divers, we like cold water, we like wind, we like swell, we like surge, we like to explore the underwater world, and we surely like to eat seafood. We are not a dive shop, a charter service, or instructors...we leave that work up to the professionals in those fields. We simply dive and bring .our adventures to you.  So thanks for coming .along.  Hopefully we can take you away for a brief .time to an underwater world of
wonder, and give you a smile along the way.
Lake Diving at its Finest

July 19, 2016. The offshore forecast looked good. Low swell...wind expected to be a little breezy...coming in at 5-10 knots. We don't mind breezy. I arrived at the Newport dock around 9:00am. Dive buddy Gary and dive buddy Cheri were ready for the ocean run. The wind was coming in a little faster than I expected this early in the dive morning. No problem though, anything under 10 knots is just fine. We loaded the boat and headed out. We crossed the bar. The Big Blue greeted with a stiff blast of salty air. "Well", I said to myself, "this is definitely a tad on the high end of the forecast". We all mustered the deep resolve of northwest divers and pressed on. We should have turned around right there and headed back for some warm breakfast and hot coffee. The swell was definitely low, but the offshore air flow was whipping the surface water into a flurry. Have you ever looked at the water in your washing machine during the wash cycle? Bouncing around every which way...yeah that was our ocean today. We slowly pressed on for 30 long minutes and finally reached the dive site. Geesh...what we do for the love of swimming with the fishys. We tossed the anchor and headed down the line. Getting below the waves can often transport you into a world of peace and quit...the surge softly moving you back and forth as you float lazily over the rocky reef. Nope, not today. A swift longshore current wanted nothing more than to pull us off the anchor line and carry us north. It was one of those days where we had to pull ourselves down, hand over hand, careful to not let go of the line. When I finally landed on the reef, I found myself surrounded by an opaque world of green, algae filled water. Sigh...there would be no awesome GoPro video today. We made one dive and called it good. Diving the Oregon coast is a lot like life. When the bad days come along, you just have to endure them, then get excited when they come to an end, because the good days are next on the list. The next morning was a somber experience...with coffee in hand, I sat in sullen reflection of the prior dive day. Time to turn on the computer and find a good scuba story posted by someone in the Oregon dive community. I clicked on the link for Scuba Oregon. Maybe I could read about some awesome warm water dive with 100 feet of visibility. I scanned the page and noticed the group was headed up to Clear Lake for a Saturday dive. Hmmm...I have never been to Clear Lake, but was fully aware of the incredible dive stories. I emailed Jim and asked if I could tag along. I was more than welcome to join their crew for the day. Well, the dive day came, the gear was loaded, and the GoPro fully charged. I headed into the glorious Cascade mountains for another adventure...

Our Gear

The spear. If you love seafood...just like we need the gear to bring back the meal. Nothing better than ocean fresh. No fishy flavor here, just a clean taste with a hint of the sea, and a delicate texture you will never find with a frozen fillet. We love to sightsee when we dive. We love to capture the underwater world with pictures and movies. But..oh my...we really love to
eat seafood.

Read more about it over here....

Remember...The Only Adventure is a Scuba NorthWest Adventure!

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