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Welcome to Scuba NorthWest! We appreciate your visit and interest in some of the best diving around. We are Northwest divers, we like cold water, we like wind, we like swell, we like surge, we like to explore the underwater world, and we surely like to eat seafood. We are not a dive shop, a charter service, or instructors...we leave that work up to the professionals in those fields. We simply dive and bring our adventures to you. So thanks for coming along. Hopefully we can take you away for a brief time to an underwater world of wonder, and give you a smile along the way.
We made a run offshore sometime back in August, probably the most sunny and warm part of the year. Summertime diving is typically not the best...algae grows into giant blooms during those warm sunny months and creates visibility conditions ranging from a light underwater haze to thick green fog. I was a little apprehensive as we headed out but the underwater clarity was fantastic. We had about 15 feet of visibility...incredible for summer. I could not wait to get out again, I reset the boat and started looking for the next window of calm weather to make another run. Tick-Tock. Waiting. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. Argghhh! The wind just kept blowing, the weeks just kept rolling along...September passed on by. Argghhh! We have great summertime visbibility and I just can't get there! We moved into October...I kept checking the weather forecast. Then I saw it...a window of opportunity starting Monday, a mere 6 days away. Yes! I would take Monday or Tuesday off and roll out! But Dive buddy Gary could not make it! I scrambled, put out the call to all dive buddies...and waited. I never dive alone, so I had to find a co-pilot. The call soon came in...Dive Buddy Cheri was filling her tanks! The dive was on! I kept checking the forecast. Marine weather is constantly changing. I have seen a forecast modified from good to bad in just one day, so I tried to keep my excitement to a minimum. Each day slowly dropped away, then the call came...Dive Buddy Cheri could not go on Monday. Hmmm, the forecast also looked pretty good for Tuesday, so we were still a "go". Then the dreadful happened, the winds were projected to rise on Tuesday. Argghhh! Another day passed, the forecast remained the same, looks the like the boat would stay home. My mind began to spin, I was ready, Dive Buddy Cheri was prepared, we had to go someplace! But where?

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Our Gear

This may be one of my favorites...The US Divers Calypso BC. This item was launced in the mid-90's, and I'm not really sure when (or why) they phased it out, cause this stylin jacket is out-of-control awesome. I have kept mine going for over 20 years...but you should see what I have done.

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