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Last Updated  02/10/2013


It's February. It's cold. It's wet. Sigh...

We're in hibernation mode here at Red Bull Adventures. I just shipped my first stage out to Underwater Sports for a rebuild...it's one of those fancy Poseidon things I bought years ago. I'm a little embarrassed about it because we are definitely not fancy here at RBA. We just want to be underwater. However, it's a good time to get the gear polished since we're probably landlocked into May. I'm sure we'll get out to Barview Jetty during the next weather break. I'll try and get some good photos and post a good story. We always have a good story. A good story? Even with 5 feet of visibility? "Yes", Even with cloudy skies and a cold northern? "Of course", Even with water temperature so cold you get an ice cream headache? "Absolutely!". Why? Because we're northwest divers and any time in the ocean is the best time we could hope for. Now don't get me wrong...the tropics are a treat, or even a dip in a quiet northwest lake, with lot's of little orange salamanders to chase. I love white beaches, suntan lotion, and dive buddies in bikinis (lady dive buddies). Of course, Mrs. ScubaNW is my ONLY lady dive duddy, and well worth it. I also love a good fresh water dive to relax and thoroughly soak out all the dried salt in my gear. Any dive is a great dive. But, until then, we can dream. Or better yet, visit the coast. Or even better, go visit an aquarium. Hmmmm...perhaps the Oregon Coast Aquarium over in Newport. Now before you think this is an advertisement, it's not. Well, at least not a paid advertisement. I received an email a few weeks ago from the folks over at OCA asking if I would post a little link on my site to highlight their aquarium diving program. I thought, what the heck, I'll just do an update and mention the program. I have never had the experience of diving the aquarium, but I think the idea is way cool. I did visit years ago, many years ago, and just loved it. This was back in the days of Keiko the whale, when the large tank had not been converted to the walk through ocean environment.

I am planning to tour the aquarium again this coming May, during our annual family camping trip to the coast. I've got two little divers in training (6 and 8 years old) and they just love fish. They just go crazy every time I bring home a big ling from a dive trip. I can only imagine the excitement overload when they explore the exhibits. In fact, I can relate...you won't believe the excitement overload I had when I came across this photo from the aquarium. Oh my...that's a pretty ling.

I'm also excited to walk the tube and see the big tank. Normally when you dive the big blue you have to manage ocean swell, wind waves, and limited visibility. We do it all the time because it's just a part of our adventures. I can only imagine how fun it would be to dive the aquarium. You can gear up on a solid surface, not a pitching boat, and ease yourself into water calm as a backyard pool. The most impressive aspect, judging by the photos, would be the crystal clear visibility. The dive would offer all the adventure of the big blue while slipping through calm, clear water. Ahhhh...the dream dive. Then, to top it off, just climb out, get dressed and find a hot lunch! That NEVER happens on a Red Bull Adventure. We survive the whole boat day on bottled water and cold bagels. Our Captain seems to think that bread and water make for a hardy diver. Between you and me a makes for a hungry diver. So until the next dive, just keep dreaming of the water!

Remember...The Only Adventure is a Bull Adventure!

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