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Welcome to Scuba NorthWest! We appreciate your visit and interest in some of the best diving around. We are Northwest divers, we like cold water, we like wind, we like swell, we like surge, we like to explore the underwater world, and we surely like to eat seafood. We are not a dive shop, a charter service, or instructors...we leave that work up to the professionals in those fields. We simply dive and bring our adventures to you. So thanks for coming along. Hopefully we can take you away for a brief time to an underwater world of wonder, and give you a smile along the way.
The Joseph Aspdin.

Only a few have heard of this shipwreck off the Oregon coast...and even fewer have been able to dive this hidden treasure. The ship is a 300 ft concrete barge that drifted out to sea, grounded on a shallow reef, and sank in 45 feet of water. The ship is not visible from the surface, and the location is a closely guarded secret. Even knowing the location does not make for frequent diving. The water is shallow and parts of the ship are only 10 feet deep. The ocean must be flat and the visibity no less than 10 feet. The ship has multiple openings. and exposed rebar. The steel rebar has rusted away on the tips to produce sharp points. A strong surge or low visibility can result in a torn diving suit, or worse, being impaled. A dive on the Joseph Aspdin requires an almost impossible set of conditions...but we found the perfect day...and made a stealth insertion to protect this higly coveted dive site. The ocean was flat, perhaps 1 foot swell, a fog bank shrouded our boat in secrecy, and the visibility was breathtaking. Dive buddy Aaron, our videographer, went to work with his GoPro...

Our Gear

This may be one of my favorites...The US Divers Calypso BC. This item was launced in the mid-90's, and I'm not really sure when (or why) they phased it out, cause this stylin jacket is out-of-control awesome. I have kept mine going for over 20 years...but you should see what I have done.

Read more about it over here....

Remember...The Only Adventure is a Scuba NorthWest Adventure!

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